Lambdoma Spectrum Detection Service

The human body can be divided into many levels and dimensions, in which our energy body has unique vibration or frequency of waves. These specific vibrations can be interactively fluctuated with the “Lambdoma Vajra Bioenergy Information Analysis System” and its large database. Then, it will display the current energy status and bioelectromagnetic information with graphical information, so as to provide bioenergy change inspection basis of the subject, it can be used as a reference foundation for health planning.

Spectrum Detection

Through non-invasive rapid bioenergy detection to accurately read one’s physical and mental health status. Bioenergy detection can clearly determine the actual changes after using various spectrum tools to obtain the most suitable frequency health suggestion for the current state.

《 Purpose of Bioenergy Information Analysis and Detection 》

  • Comprehensiveness: Quickly review your overall body and mind healthy status
  • Alertness: Identify the present value of energy of unbalanced tissues
  • Feasibility: Compare multiple health options to plan execution

《 Advantages of Bioenergy Detection 》

  • Convenient: It is fully automation, simple interface, and can qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate the function of each organ and tissues.
  • Fast: It only takes 6 minutes to give comprehensive energy reports and recommendations.
  • Safety: Painless, unconscious, radiation-free, no side effects.
  • Accuracy: Energy results are highly accurate and can prevent and improve adverse factors that harm health early.

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