Energy Stickers

Stickers made with cosmic life totems, also known as cosmic light stickers or golden flower stickers, which can be used as the basis for various combinations. The totem of life in the universe contains Wuji, Huangji, torsion field, and particles entanglement. Through various spectral tools for information transmission, we can connect the macro cosmos and the micro cosmos more quickly. While transmitting the information of life in the universe, it transforms time and space, raises positive energy, activates transcendental consciousness and unlocks wisdom.

The auspicious stickers are superimposed on the cosmic life totem stickers to enhance the dimension and strengthen the information transmission efficiency of the totem. Auspicious stickers, also known as cosmic geometric cleansing stickers, can effectively reduce the harm of electromagnetic waves and radiation waves to the human body.

The stickers made with the totem of cosmic life are the basic element for the combination of various arrays, and can also be used alone for space purification and sound and light optimization.