Lambdoma Core Spectrum

Everything is frequency. Our frequency state is the result of the interaction between our present consciousness and our body. In order to facilitate the formation of personal abundant consciousness and effectively achieve the highest purpose of the ascension of human collective consciousness, Lamdoma integrates spectral wisdom into various products called Core Spectrum. These frequency tools resonate with various frequencies of photonic and proton states to restore the imbalanced frequency regulation of the human body, assisting our journey of health promotion and spiritual awareness.

The transformation and improvement of personal consciousness begins with cleansing. The Photon information essential oils that can cleanse and purify the energy of the body and mind, while the photon information chips can replenish the cosmic energy. Together these products receive the cosmic resonance that cleanse the consciousness, are the most popular photon state frequency tools that Lambdoma offers.

The Lambdoma Spectrum Resonance Apparatus (Resonator) is developed based on the Cosmic Nature Harmony Tune. Based on the cosmology that the big cosmo and the small cosmo correspond to each other, the frequency resonance effect is used to achieve the balance between the human body, the mind, the environment, and the universe.

Professor Barbara Hero integrates the Eastern and Western ancient wisdom, including the integration of the Book of Changes, Tao Te Ching, music, mathematics, dimensional geometry, astrology, etc., and reflects the epitome of the great wisdom of the universe through the spectrum of the Lambdoma Intelligent keyboard.

Through various combinations of frequency tools and energy totems to strengthen the transmission of life information in the cosmo, to achieve a state of purification and the conversion of mass and energy, time and space, to create a balanced energy in order to activate transcendental consciousness and wisdom.

Made of Cosmic Life Totem, which contains Wuji, Huangji, Taichi, torsion field, and particle entanglement. Its core circles symbolize Spirit, Mind, and Chi.

Composed by thirteen geometric figures consisting forward rotation and reverse rotation, forming a wormhole, allowing energy to easily travel through different time and space.

Using this frequency tool and its frequency resonance to optimize our consciousness and quality of life.