E30 Nutrient Spectrum Resonator V3

․Nutrient supplementation of macroelements and microelements required by the human body

․Essential elements and nutrients for internal organs

․Contain 16 Macro and Micro Elements : Selenium、Phosphorus、Fluorine、Cobalt、Chromium、Sodium、Magnesium、Calcium、Manganese、Iron、Iodine、Potassium、Silicon、Copper、Zinc、Chlorine

․Automatic Rotatation of Spectrum

How to use :

1. Power on by USB ports when broadcasting indoor for everyone

2. Handheld or carry in pocket/bags for personal daily use

3. When enhancement needed, place suitable essential oil(Mind & Spirit) on top of the indication light on resonator and then power on the device.

Operation Time:16 Hours

Main body size:58mm x 16.3mm

Product certification:CE、FCC、RoHS


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