Lambdoma Certificate Programs

Everything is a frequency.The level of consciousnessis the key to our frequency. Our abundant consciousness can bring ourselvesbetter quality of life.Human collective consciousness is our mutual ultimate purpose.Through Lambdoma spectral education programs,we may aquire freedom and extension for our consciousness.Clarify our life experienceand making it filled with abundance.Hencewe may become part of resonation vibrating for collective consciousness for evolutionary ascension.Being the key media for promoting Lambdoma Spectrum,Certificate spectral program sum up various aspects and methods to build the path of consciousness ascension.

「Cosmic Nature Harmony Tune」 is the fundamental and truth for maintaining the balance of the universe. Healing of the tune is the healing of the heart, is the healing of the source of life.

Through various methods to connect the Dharma line that the individual can connect to, quickly clear the heavy energy of the past and connect to the source of the self , in order to cmplete the mission of this life with the highest wisdom and willpower.

Awaken the consciousness to open the window of the soul, and activate the personal memory bank of past lives to understand ancient civilizations and interstellar civilizations, while using consciousness travel through time and space to experience high-dimensional and interstellar networks, and have a dialogue with God

Using the Lambdoma Keyboard created by Barbara Hero as a medium to introduce cosmology and to understand the relationship between the big cosmo and the small cosmo. Reflecting the relationship between DNA/RNA and the essence of life in the operation of high-dimensional space and time.

Learn to use Lambdoma Vajra, the bioenergy information analysis system, to reveal the real-time health status of the subjects as well as the discussion on the energy trends of physiology and the mind as a whole, providing a complete spectrum plan for the corresponding status for health promotionand development.